Jersey Military History Tours - Specialist

Our Jersey military history specialist tours are devised for the military history enthusiast who wants an in depth insight into all things military. We cater for specific periods in history, battles and wars, all with a Jersey or Channel Island element.

For a small area of just 45 square miles, the sublime Jersey military history is all too evident in the built environment as you travel around the Island. But that history goes even deeper in that the very status of the Channel Islands has been moulded by it. When you have a European front line on your very doorstep for over 600 years, you are going to find evidence of wars, battles and the different arms races throughout history as the technology of warfare developed. Being able examine and learn about this, often finding different eras covering not just different centuries but different millennia, makes Jersey pretty unique!

Our present specialist military history tours include the following scheduled tours which you can book a place to join others on the tour:

The Bunker Tour – German Occupation 1940-45

This was a new tour in 2107 and has proved very popular since. It is unique in that it offers us private access to most of the restored German bunkers with public access in Jersey but which are only generally open on a very limited basis. Entering these bunkers is like stepping back into the past 75 years ago. Find out more by clicking the link (Full day tour)

The German Occupation 1940-45, Military History and Fortifications 

This was also a new tour in 2017 and is the most popular half day tour. It takes advantage of the access that we have to the restored German bunkers. It is a shorter tour than “The Bunker Tour” and it will incorporate a visit a selection of bunkers, battle and crash sites, fortifications and memorial sites depending on the day that the tour runs.  (Half Day tour)


The following tours are not presently part of our regular scheduled tours but each may be booked as a private group tour. All private group tours can be booked online on any available day throughout the year.

British vs. German Fortifications (Full day tour)

The Age of Artillery (Full day tour)

The Commando Raids 1940 to 1945 (Half Day tour)

The Battle of Jersey, 1781 (Full Day and Half Day Tours)

Medieval Castles and Battlefields (Full Day and Half Day tours)

The English Civil War in the Channel Islands (Full and Half Day tours)

18th & 19th Century British Towers, Forts and Batteries (Full and Half Day tours)





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