Captain Herbert Brownton Ryley

1st Battalion, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment

Died: 2nd November 1914
Age: 36

Herbert Frank Brownton Ryley, son of Major F Ryley, of Claremont Court, Jersey, was born 11th September, 1878. He entered [Victoria College] in 1889 and left at the end of the same year. Later he went to Rugby, and on leaving school went into the Army through the Militia, becoming Second Lieutenant in The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment in 1899 and Captain in 1906. He served in Malta, Cyprus, Crete, Gibraltar, South Africa, Mauritius, and India, and came home to the Depot at Preston at the end of 1913.

He went out with the First Seven Divisions and was reported missing in the heavy fighting around Ypres on 2nd November, 1914. Later he was officially reported killed on that date.

[Unfortunately, Capt. Ryley is one of the very few entries who doesn’t have a photograph; Sir Galahad takes his place]

(The above text appears in the Book of Remembrance of Victoria College published in 1920)

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