General History and scenery

Whatever period of history that you may enjoy, Jersey can probably cater for your interest. Plus at the same time, join us and enjoy Jersey's scenic beauty!

The history and archaeology of Jersey is fantastic! From the Neanderthals, through the Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Ages, Jersey has many sites which will inspire awe and wonder. Why and how did our ancestors built and leave us with reminders of their presence thousands of years ago. What was Jersey like in the Roman period and the dark ages which followed its collapse?

We continue to discover things about our past with new archaeology every year, and without doubt, there are many other things still waiting to be found.

Discover the roots of Jersey’s modern history in the Norman period when as part of the Duchy of Normandy, it was ruled by monarchs who were not only the Dukes of Normandy, but also the kings of England. And when King John of England lost continental Normandy, but managed to retain the Channel Islands, a new front-line was drawn on the European map which was a battlefield or threatened with invasion for the next 650 years.

This period of conflict had a lasting impact on Jersey in that needed to be governed in a way which took account of these threats. There was also a requirement that the people of Norman stock should retain their allegiance with the English Crown. Our laws are correspondingly different from those in Britain, as the Channel Islands had never been incorporated into any county or part of England or later Great Britain. That later fact, together with our unique history, our loyal but resilient citizens and our geography, have created the Jersey that we enjoy today.

Our history and archaeology tours cover the whole of Jersey’s history, and being more general in nature, are suitable for all, whatever interests you may have.

Scenic History and Archaeology Private Tour Options

1.  Jersey History – 800 Years’ Independence 

Summary: All you ever wanted to know about Jersey, but were afraid to ask!  Half Day PrivateTour. Please Click the link for further details.

2. Megalithic Jersey Tour – Ancient Jersey, its Dolmens & inhabitants

Summary: A unique Island tour to explore the magical ancient locations where other coach tours don’t go. Full Day Tour. Please Click the link for further details.

We also occasionally organise evening Sunset and Moonlight Photography Tours aimed at those of our guests who want to capture Jersey’s scenery in a different light. Please Click the link for further details.

History Alive’s and Jersey Military Tours are devised in a way to give our guests an overall and enjoyable experience which means that we won’t always follow the same route or stop at all the above locations. This also gives us the ability to make changes either to take advantage of, or to mitigate against, factors such as weather or other delays which might affect timing. On full day tours, we stop at lunch times where refreshments/food can be purchased, and on all tours, we will stop as necessary for refreshments and comfort breaks.

Our Tours are a combination of a coach tour and exploring the sites on foot, so please refer to the Level of Fitness required to enjoy these Tours on the relevant tour page. For that, and for what’s included in these Tours and Prices, as well as Pick-Up points for the Tours, please see the Information sections on the relevant tour page.

Please note that we have many other tours, all of which are also available to book as a Private Group Tour on any available day throughout the year – PLEASE BOOK ONLINE OR CONTACT US  FOR OTHER OPTIONS


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