Just in the same way that the promontory of Gorey had been recognised as a strategic defensive position over the previous 3 millennia, the Germans set about creating Strongpoint Gorey and Strongpoint Victoria Tower on the hill overlooking the Castle. Other than constructing a large bunker housing a 7.5cm gun on the site of the old railway station at the harbour (which was in turn painted to disguise it as a house), the Germans largely adapted older buildings and added their concrete and / or armaments.

Looking at Mont Orgueil Castle and the harbour underneath in the typical present day shot above, you might be fooled in thinking that there was nothing remaining of the German Occupation. Look carefully and note the 3.7cm and machine gun embrasures in the last but one house on the right. Also note that the castle turrets have observation slits at their tops rather than medieval arrow loops down their sides! The Castle had become the headquarters for the 1st Battalion Army Coastal Artillery Regiment.