Batterie Lothringen, Noirmont

Located on the Noirmont Point headland dominating the south coast of the Island,  Naval Batterie Lothringen was originally armed with three 15cm naval guns (later four) which fired a 44kg shell and had a range of 18 kilometres. Across the headland, most of the supporting infrastructure for these guns still exist, including a command centre, a direction and range finding tower, anti-aircraft and other defence positions, as well as ammunition stores, searchlights and shelters for their crews.

Although the Battery never faced a large scale Allied attack, it was involved in a number of engagements against Allied ships and aircraft, including a particularly fierce fire-fight against US motor torpeodo boats in August 1944.

Today the Battery Command Bunker, the Naval Direction and Range-Finding Tower and other parts of the Battery are preserved by the Channel Islands Occupation Society and open to the public.