Gunner Walter Orange

Royal Field Artillery

Died: 24th December 1918
Age: 27

Walter Orange, fourth son of Mrs. Orange, of Beau Sejour, St. Helier, was born 28th January, 1899. The six brothers have all been at [Victoria]College. Walter entered in 1912, and on leaving in 1916, joined the Royal Field Artillery, and was sent to Cosham for training. At the end of three weeks he caught a chill, and double pneumonia followed. He recovered from pneumonia but was left with a bronchial cough. For ten months he was sent from one convalescent home to another, and finally in October 1917 returned home. Although not discharged, he was unfit for any form of service. He had been at home a year when he was taken ill with influenza and pneumonia, and after lingering for two months died on Xmas Eve, 1918.

The above text appeared in the Victoria College Book of Remembrance published in 1920.

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