Film Work

Film Presentation and Consultancy Services

Marc Yates is able to provide presentation and consultancy services to film and documentary makers. He is the only Accredited Guide of the International Guide of Battlefield Guides in based in the Channel Islands, and after a career as a Barrister and Advocate of the Royal Court of Jersey, he now uses his skills as a historian, educator and tour guide.

He has worked with American and British film makers as a presenter, as well as providing consultancy, location and research services. He has also provided location and historical consultancy services to computer gaming companies where they wished to locate historical sites which retained period fittings and fixtures which could be digitally incorporated into the virtual world of the computer game.

During the 75th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Channel Islands in 2020, Marc was asked by the 75th Anniversary Organising Committee to complete a number of virtual tours of Occupation sites which were filmed and released online in place of the public being able to visit the sites which were closed as the Coronavirus lockdown came into force.

Marc is an educator and facilitator. He works closely with British military units to assist in providing the core educational requirement of battlefield studies within the military. He is familiar and experienced in being able to adapt his style and presentation to all levels whether it is eight and nine year olds or to experts in their field, who wish to further their knowledge.

To discuss any film, documentary or related projects, please Contact Me.