D-Day Landing Beaches and Normandy Battlefields

Battlefield Tours for groups visiting D-Day landing beaches and the other battlefields of Normandy.

What would be easier than starting a Normandy battlefield tour from Jersey? Whether it be as enthusiasts, for commemoration or memorial, get together a group and we will organise a battlefield tour to Normandy. The following dates are available for a day trip tour from Jersey which leave Jersey early in the morning and return on the same day in the late evening:

  • Thursday 18 July
  • Friday 2 August
  • Saturday 17 August
  • Saturday 31 August
  • Sunday 8 September

Costs will depend upon the size of the group with a group of 6 being approximately £150 per head. A larger group will bring down the costs per head and conversely, a smaller group will increase the cost. The maximum group size will be 16 persons.

Included within the tour will be relevant research to try and identify places and stories connected to the group – for example a relative or specific unit who saw action in Normandy so that the tour will be special for you.

If you are considering this tour, please contact us as early as possible as these dates could be booked for other tours on a first come, first served basis. The booking system will take a deposit to secure the booking and we will then work out the final cost once numbers etc are known.

If you are considering a longer Normandy Battlefield tour, please contact us to discuss options using our Contact page .


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