Military Battlefield Studies

Military Battlefield Studies are different to battlefield and military history tours. They are specifically designed to deliver the core requirement of professional education to military units.

Battlefield studies are directed by the chain of command of the relevant military unit as formal training and education. I understand what is required in organising such training, the procedures required to get them approved and I will work closely with the chain of command to devise and deliver battlefield study that meets defined criteria in order to prepare formations, units and individuals for future operations.

The Channel Islands (and Jersey in particular) can offer the ideal location for such battlefield study. With its “modern” military history being almost continuous for the last 800 years, battles and fortifications as well as experience of occupation, all within an area of just 10 by 5 miles, makes planning and delivering the most comprehensive and varied study possible. The Second World War fortifications built by the Germans during a five year occupation on a level almost unmatched by any other area of similar size, and which all remain and many of which are restored / maintained in original condition, provide an ideal opportunity to be on a “battlefield” which has not been destroyed or has disappeared through development and cultivation.

Uniquely, the Channel lslands also offer battlefield study opportunities in the area of the relationship between military occupiers and a civilian population. This aspect is highly relevant in today’s world where the military are often called upon as part of their duties to establish and maintain good relations with a local population who may or may not regard the new occupiers as entirely welcome.

The existence of a locally based Army Reserve Unit (Royal Engineers) in Jersey is beneficial in that accommodation within their barracks is available (albeit it is limited and highly sought after by visiting units).

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Even if your plans are more AT, a little bit of battlefield study can be fitted into AT activities, or indeed, just contact me, and I will do my best to help you organise the AT by introducing you to my contacts.


Previous battlefield studies reviews

“Your exhaustive knowledge of the local geography and history certainly complimented the essence of the excursion. Your authentic and personable delivery gave much weight and context to the accounts, particularly when questions were asked; absolute testimony that a walking, talking, home-grown guide is far superior to any amount of guide books or inter-web!”

Squadron Leader, OC, Operations Squadron Tactical Supply Wing RAF


“Firstly, thanks again for all that you did for us during our visit to Jersey last week. Based on the feedback that we have received so far, the Battlefield Study element was certainly one of the high points of the week – and this is entirely down to the way you ran the groups – so a very sincere thank you.”

Major, RAO, 39 Signal Regiment, Army Reserve


“We all got back safely and the guys really enjoyed the study, all of which would not been achieved without all your help, so thank you very much again!”

Captain, Garrison Engineer (Construction), 502 Specialist Team Royal Engineers (Force Protection Engineering), 66 Works Group Royal Engineers



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