Colonel Charles Edward Harman

Royal Dublin Fusiliers

Died: 5th January  1915
Age: 59

Charles Edward Harman was born in June 1855. He entered [Victoria] College in 1867, leaving in 1873. He was gazetted Second-Lieutenant in the 82nd Foot in 1874, but never joined them, and was gazetted in the following year to the 89th, with whom he saw service in Burmah. He became Captain in the 2nd Battalion, The Connaught Rangers in 1882 and Lieutenant-Colonel in 1892. He remained in command of the Battalion at Meerut till 1902, when he became Brevet-Colonel, and was Acting Brigadier-General of the Southern Command in India for six months.

In 1883 he had married Edith, daughter of GE Newland, Commandant and Inspector-General RIC Depot, Dublin, by whom he had two children, a son and a daughter. In 1904 he retired from the Army and the family was living in London.

On the outbreak of war, in spite of chronic ill-health, he volunteered for service, and was appointed in September, 1914 to the command of the 9th Service Battalion, The Royal Dublin Fusiliers. The task of raising and training a Battalion for active service is a heavy one for the strongest man, and from the outset it was too much for his failing health. He died in December, 1914 at Buttevant, from strain, overwork, and chill, after a very short illness.

The above text appeared in the Victoria College Book of Remembrance published in 1920. It would appear that the date of death is incorrect based on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission records which state 5th January 1915.

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