Major Edward Colson

41st Dogras, Indian Army

Died: 20th January 1916
Age: 41

Edward Colson was the eldest of the five sons of Surgeon-Major E Colson, IMS, of Jersey, all of whom were at [Victoria] College. Born 29th October, 1874, he entered in  1889, leaving in 1892.

In the following year, he took a commission in the 3rd (South) Battalion, RMIJ and two years later was gazetted to The South Wales Borderers. He was transferred to the Indian Army in 1897, becoming Captain in the 41st Dogras in 1904, and Major in 1913. He saw active service in China in 1900, and received the medal for the Legations Relief Expedition.

He arrived at Marseilles with the IEF in October 1914, and served in France till September 1915, when he went with his regiment to Egypt and thence some months later to Mesopotamia. He was mentioned in Sir John French’s Despatch of 31st May, 1915. He was wounded at the Battle of The Wadi, 13th January, 1916, and died in hospital at Amarah a week later.

The above text appeared  in the Victoria College Book of Remembrance which was published in 1920.

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