Batterie Moltke, Jersey field gun fixed emplacement



Batterie Moltke, Jersey – Unfinished Turret gun emplacement


Batterie Moltke, Jersey sentry box




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Interactive Guiding and Digital Media Technology

At History Alive! and Jersey Military Tours, we believe that if you are going on a guided tour, you should be entertained and stimulated. It should be more than just sightseeing. It should be the same whether you are going by coach or bus, or under your own steam like walking or cycling. Apart from the obvious of having an …

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History Alive! and Jersey Military Tours Website launch

My “team” – (creative web services), Mallet Crane (branding) and BookingHound (online booking software) – have been working hard to pull everything together and putting up with my many questions as to what was possible and what was not. I am pleased with the result and I hope that you will find the content interesting, and then perhaps book a tour. …

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