Private Ernest Philip Pallot

14th Battalion, County of London Battalion (London Scottish) London Regiment

Died: 23rd November 1917
Age: 28

Ernest Philip Pallot, born 26th October, 1889; was the son of Charles Pallot (Old Victorian), of Halkett Place, Jersey. He entered [Victoria College] in January 1902, leaving at Midsummer 1905, and going to Germany to complete his education. Being a first-rate linguist, he joined the clerical staff of Messrs. Thos. Cook & Sons, and in the service of the firm travelled in Egypt and Italy.

When the War began he was in Paris. He returned to Jersey later in the year and enrolled in the Royal Militia Island of Jersey. On the disbandment of the Militia in 1917 he joined The London Scottish Regiment and went out to France. He was killed in action at Moeuvres, near Bapaume, 23rd November, 1917, having been shot by a sniper.

His Platoon Officer wrote: “On the 23rd November, during an attack on the enemy trenches, he was shot by a sniper. Death was instantaneous, and his body has been interred in a suitable place among his comrades. His perseverance and determination to prove himself useful were evident under all circumstances. He died like a gentleman, with his face to the foe.”

The above text appeared in the Book of Remembrance of Victoria College published in 1920.

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