Lieutenant Edmund Bourchier Devereux

Royal Naval Air Service, HM Airship P2

Died: 26th November 1917
Age: 22

Edmund Bourchier Devereux was the younger brother of Humphrey Devereux. Born in 1895, he entered [Victoria] College in 1905 and passed into the Royal Naval College, Osborne, three years later. He went on to Dartmouth and received his commission in 1913. He served as Midshipman and Sub-Lieutenant in HMS “Warrior” and HMS “Agincourt”, and was present at the Battle of Jutland. He volunteered for the Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS) for duty in rigid airships in January 1917, was gazetted Acting Lieutenant RN in May of the same year, and graduated about the same time as Flight Lieutenant.

He served at various Air Stations, and it was while on patrol duty off the Orkney Islands that he lost his life at sea, 26th November, 1917.

The above text appeared in The Book of Remembrance of Victoria College published in 1920.

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