The Age of Artillery

Our Age of Artillery Tour explores the culmination of artillery use to defend Jersey - firstly by the British in the 18th and 19th centuries, whose defences included hundreds of cannon around the coast of the Island; and secondly by the Germans in WW2, who can be said to have placed their defensive positions in very much the same positions as the British had used a hundred and fifty years before.

Long before the age of artillery, in 1204, King John of England lost the Duchy of Normandy. In response, to defend the Island from the French, medieval castles were built at Gorey and Grosnez. However, within 300 years, the age of the sword, bow and arrow was being replaced by cannon and muskets. By the time of the late 16th Century, artillery had made its presence felt both on the battlefield, at sea, as well as in fortifications. Jersey’s Mont Orgueil castle was heavily modified and adapted to become an artillery platform, before effectively being abandoned and replaced firstly by Elizabeth Castle and purpose built artillery forts, round towers and purpose built emplacements. A town citadel, Fort Regent, was the culmination of these works.

In the 20th Century, the occupying Germans, adapted the older fortified positions and built their own to effectively make Jersey a tethered floating battleship commanding the sea all around.

The Age of Artillery Tour takes a full day, and can be booked as a Private Tour on any day in our Calendar. When you book add “Age of Artillery” in the requests. There will be some additional entrance fees payable on the day – these will depend on the precise itinerary and thigs like whether sites are tide accessible. Contact us to discuss your tour.

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Jersey Military Tours Age of Artillery Highlights

  • Jersey Round Towers
  • Mont Orgueil Castle
  • North coast 18th and 19th century forts
  • St Ouen’s Bay
  • Elizabeth Castle
  • Fort Regent
  • Batterie Lothringen, Noirmont
  • St Aubin’s Fort

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Jersey Military Tours are devised in a way to give our guests an overall and enjoyable experience which means that we won’t always follow the same route or stop at all the highlights below, although we will do our best to do so. This gives us the ability to make changes either to take advantage of, or to mitigate against factors such as weather or other delays which might affect timing. On full day tours, we stop at lunch times where refreshments/food can be purchased and on all tours, we will stop as necessary for refreshments and comfort breaks.

Jersey Military Tours are a combination of a coach tour and exploring the sites on foot. Please refer to the Level of Fitness Grading.

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