Sited on the small islet outside of the only natural harbour which Jersey possessed on the south coast, St Aubin’s Tower was built in the early 1540s. It was at a time that the old medieval fortresses were being upgraded to accommodate cannon but before the larger artillery fortress of Elizabeth Castle was built, and represents the transition between  the two. Further developed by enclosing the tower by enclosing it with an outer lien of defence, it became St Aubin’s Fort during the time of the English Civil War. Later still, a pier was added and completed in  the next century. Like most other fortifications, it was further up-dated in the 18th and 19th centuries and then occupied by Germans with the benefit of concrete and steel additions.

In its first incarnation, it also represents the first smaller fortification, which with the advent of cannon, was designed to slow down an attack and protect the anchorage in St Aubin’s Bay, but not to withstand a siege.