Why History Alive! and Jersey Military Tours are different! We believe that if you are going on a guided tour, you should be entertained and stimulated. It shouldn't just be sightseeing. The same applies whether you are on a bus or coach tour or under your own steam, like walking or cycling.

In telling stories, it is all about giving the listener the means to visualise and imagine. Sometimes there is nothing better than a relevant prop to help and so that is why we have a collection of props which you can handle.

It might be a stone axe-head or flint arrow heads from the stone age (found in Jersey) to Reichsmark notes, which were forced upon Islanders in the German Occupation. As a significant part of Jersey’s history is military based, we also have a collection of original and replica weaponry and armour which would have used by attackers, as well as by Islanders (and Occupiers) to defend themselves. In showing our guests these props, we believe that they should also be able to handle them. There is nothing like learning how heavy a medieval helmet would have been nor how big some of the swords used actually were!

Hopefully we are doing something different which sparks the imagination!