History Alive! and Jersey Military Tours are commited to protecting the environment.

We recognise that we have a carbon footprint every time we take guests on a tour and we are trying to take steps to reduce and minimise that carbon footprint which will protect our environment for further generations. Our vehicles produce most of our carbon footprint and therefore, although they are not electric vehicles, we are using vehicles which comply with emission standards.

Whilst we are using these vehicles, we are offsetting our carbon footprint by supporting a Global Portfolio of Verified Carbon Reduction Projects and thereby helping to combat climate change and sustain our environment for future generations.

Living in the beautiful Channel Islands, surrounded by the sea, we are equally conscious of how important it is for the environment to look after its resources. We are particularly interested in recent work being done to conserve and replant seagrass meadows which have the potential to lock in carbon dioxide to an even greater extent that and equivilent area of rain forest. These projects are not yet verified Carbon Reduction Projects and therefore cannot be used to offset carbon dioxide emissions.

However, we have decided to match our carbon offsetting payments by making donations to the charitable Seagrass Project, which is working to develop the most effective techniques to conserve the seagrass meadows of the oceans.

If you are interested in supporting these projects which will hopefully help protect our environment, please follow the image link.