Captain Herbert Power

Northamptonshire Regiment

Died: 12 March 1915

Age: 28

Herbert Power, son of Colonel FE Power, The Northamptonshire Regiment, was born 14th March, 1886. He was at College for one year, from 1895 to 1896, his father’s regiment being stationed at Jersey, and then went to Colet Court and St. Paul’s. In 1904 he passed into Sandhurst and on passing out was gazetted to the 2nd Battalion, The Northamptonshire Regiment, becoming Adjutant in 1911 and Captain in 1913. He served with the Battalion in Malta and Egypt.

He was killed in action at Neuve Chapelle, 12th March, 1915, within two days of his 29th birthday, having been twice badly wounded previously the same day.

His Colonel wrote: “I do not think you could have fully realised what a fine fellow your son, my Adjutant, was. Actuated by an acute sense of duty, he worked as few men would have done if it had been for their own immediate good, while the good of the Regiment and the Service was his only aim. Day and night, he has been at it, for over four years, whether in military duties or in games setting an example that none could fail to notice. The good state of the Regiment was due to his perseverance. Without him I could not have carried on in any shape. He was everybody’s friend, and one to whom all officers owe a very deep debt. He fell as I know he would have wished, with the rest of the Regiment, for there is little left of it, I think.”

The above text appeared in the Victoria College Book of Remembrance published in 1920.

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