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Military History necessarily involves the weaponry used at various times during our history. With such a sublime history, Jersey has seen invaders and defenders use many weapons and armour, which have evolved with time. Ancient weapons such as spears, axes, swords and the bow and arrow were the mainstay of the soldier for centuries, and even the cross-bow, which found prominence on the battlefield in the medieval period, had its origins perhaps as far back as 500 B.C. Armour become more elaborate, stronger and heavier to counter medieval weapon development, but was rendered almost obsolete by the use of gunpowder, guns and cannon.

IMG_7023 (1280x853)We have examples of weaponry and armour from different periods right up to the 20th century (original and replica) with the intention that as our guests, you should be able to see them close-up, handle them and get a better idea of what, in the past, soldiers, sailors and civilians in Jersey had to defend themselves, or when possible, to mount an attack.



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