Inaugural Jersey Military History Forum 2018

A Forum to explore the preservation and enjoyment of Jersey’s unique history

28th February 2018, 2pm to 5.30pm

The Ouless Room, Jersey Museum



All persons and organisations with an interest in Jersey military history are cordially invited to attend the Inaugural Jersey Military History Forum

Please see the Jersey Military History Forum Invitation for further details and reply as requested if you are interested in attending. Places are limited.

Reasons for holding the Jersey Military History Forum?


·         Jersey’s fabulous military history

Jersey has a fabulous military history which is not only very long, but it is also a history which still exists in the physical landscape, layer upon layer, from era to era. There are few places in the world where pre-historic defensive fortifications exist cheek by jowl with twentieth century concrete ones, with many other periods also squeezed in.

·         Jersey’s military history is not that well known

Despite some events in history being well known (e.g. the German Occupation during WW2; the Battle of Jersey taking place in 1781; etc.) and certain military sites being popular to visit (the Castles; the bunkers, tunnels etc), our overall military history is not as familiar as it should be notwithstanding that it is one of the most constant threads throughout the Island’s recent (comparatively) existence. Defensive Iron Age Forts date back more than 2500 years, the Romans may well have been here (they were in Guernsey!), we have had warring Vikings, and later castles and other fortifications have shaped much of our built landscape from the 13th century right through to the 20th century. The fact that the Island and its surrounds have been a battlefield on numerous occasions is something which would surprise most people!

You can also trace the influence of that history in the growth of Jersey’s status and independence over the last 800 years, and even our Island’s cherished honorary system has its origins in military defensive expediency. Our present population is, however, more likely to know more about British history from school, notwithstanding Jersey’s geographic position meant that what happened in Europe had the greatest influence on the Island, as we sat on a major international border and front-line. That is what makes our history special, complex and distinct from British history!

·         Creating a network

Never before has an attempt been made to gather all those with an interest in Jersey’s military history together to explore how knowledge of Jersey’s military history might be increased, disseminated and enjoyed. There are a significant number of individuals and organisations who have direct links with that military history, as well as historians, authors and researchers, and providing a forum for discussion and networking will hopefully generate new ideas, co-operation and assistance for the benefit of all attendees, as well as of the Island generally.

·         Recognition that Jersey’s military history is a valuable asset worth protecting

Where things are not very well known, or taken for granted, preservation and protection can be neglected. We owe it to ourselves and future generations to ensure that our history is known and preserved, and that our physical heritage is sympathetically cared for and protected where possible.


Programme for the Forum


1 Welcome to the Inaugural Jersey Military History Forum Chairman, Marc Yates, Jersey Military Tours,

“Jersey’s fantastic Military History”


2 Panel discussion – Can and should knowledge of Jersey’s military history (and history generally) be saved and preserved, taught in schools, and what are the challenges?   Panel includes representatives of Education Dept; Jersey Heritage; Société Jersiaise; Channel Island Occupation Society and others
3 Tourism Opportunities: Delivering authentic, unique local experiences. What are the opportunities for Jersey’s military history and heritage to inspire even more visitors to discover #theislandbreak? 


Meryl Le Feuvre, Head of Product, Visit Jersey.

Visit Jersey recently published their product strategy to build on the #theislandbreak concept and have identified that visitors are seeking “Signature Experiences” when in Jersey.

4 Jersey Military History Archaeology Update Robert Waterhouse, Field Archaeologist
5 Refreshment break  
6 Recent Jersey Military History research item Speaker TBA
7 Jersey’s military heritage – The balance between preservation, alternative uses and re-development in a planning context. Panel includes representatives of Planning Dept, Historic Buildings, Field Archaeologist
8 Forum discussion – Next steps?

·         How can things be taken forward?

·         Membership of the Jersey Military History Forum?

·         Future Forums and content?

Chairman, Panel and Speakers in discussion with Forum attendees
9 Forum close Chairman
10 Networking drinks


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