Major Fleetwood George Campbell Ross

2nd King Edward's Own Gurkha Rifles (The Sirmoor Rifles)

Died: 2nd November 1914
Age: 45

Fleetwood George Campbell Ross, son of Colonel G Campbell Ross, of Bayfields, Headley, Hants, was born 18th March, 1869. He entered [Victoria College] in 1886 and left in 1887, getting his colours for football. In 1890 he was gazetted to the Wiltshire Regiment from the Militia and two years later was appointed to the Indian Staff Corps. He served in the 2nd Ghurkas, becoming Captain in 1901, and afterwards Major. He was in the Relief of Peking in 1900, receiving the medal with clasp. In 1903-1904 he took part in the Tibet campaign, and was present at the action of Niani, the Gyantse operations, and the march to Lhassa, being mentioned in despatches, and receiving the medal with clasp.

He went to France with the Indian Expeditionary Force and was killed in action at Neuve Chapelle, 2nd November, 1914.

(The above text appears in the Book of Remembrance of Victoria College published in 1920.)


The Indian Expeditionary Force had only landed in Marseilles in late September 1914 and were rushed to the Front as reinforcements south of Ypres without any real time to become accustomed to the battlefield.
On the 26th October the Germans advanced through the Bois du Biez and captured some of the British trenches north-west of the village of Neuve Chapelle, a small and straggling habitation which was to be the scene of a major battle in March 1915.
The Indians counter-attacked and managed to recapture Neuve Chapelle but without reinforcements and resources, were forced to abandon the village whilst suffering heavy casualties.
The inability to retain gains through lack of resources and manpower was a recurring theme throughout the whole of the four year conflict.

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