Sunset & Moonlight Photography Tours

Level of Fitness Grading

Easy (EveningTour)– some walking along uneven but mainly level ground.

Your health, agility and disabilities
You should be able to climb aboard our vehicles which have up to 3 steps. We have no facilities for guests in wheelchairs aboard the vehicle, but if they can board the vehicle, wheelers and small scooters can be accommodated in the vehicle boot provided they can be dismantled/folded and lifted into the vehicle boot. Please note however that some of the sites visited or parts of them will not be suitable for wheelchair or scooter users.
At a number of sites that we visit, in order to get the best experience, guests may need to walk some distance, move along uneven surfaces, rough paths and climb and descend steps. We have tried to indicate the level of fitness / agility that will be required to fully enjoy each tour.

Clothing, footwear and weather conditions

All of our tours involve getting out of our vehicles and exploring the sites we visit. At some sites, the weather or wind conditions may be such that warm clothing will be desirable and sensible shoes should be worn for walking and, to the extent that we encounter them, climbing and descending steps and rough paths. Even on a sunny day, the air can be quite chilly in the shade or if it clouds over, and it is more noticeable when close to the coast. Equally, in hot and sunny weather, it would be wise to have light clothing, a hat and/or sun-screen to protect against the burning effects of the sun which can be stronger than expected in coastal environments.

Safety and First Aid

The safety and well-being of our guests is paramount to us. Please let us know if you have any allergies or phobias which may be encountered on a tour and we will try and organise / accommodate an alternative for you. First Aid kits are carried on all of our vehicles and Marc is a qualified first-aider.